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Epic Pen keyboard shortcut


  • Benjamin Finkel started the conversation

    I am programming the customizable buttons on my Wacom device for the Epic 
    Pen software. I can program each button using a keyboard macro. Using Cntl-Shift-2 and Cntrl-Shift-3 work great, but I cannot get Epic Pen to recognize the macro for Cntrl-Shift-7. 

    I suspect it's because the Shift modifier means that the macro is actually sending ampersand rather than 7 (see attached screenshot) and Epic Pen does not recognize that as valid. Note that the actual recorded macro for Cntrl-Shift-2 is @, and for -3 it's #, which are the shift-codes for 2 and 3 on keyboards.

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    Brian replied

    Hi Benjamin,

    It may help to change the hotkeys in Epic Pen itself. If you click on they hotkeys you can set them to different combinations, without shift.

    We are reworking our hotkey system at the moment and we expect it will work more robustly in scenarios like this in the future.

    Let me know if there's anything else we can do to help you.

    Kind regards,

    Brian Hoary