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  • sassy_ankit started the conversation

    What is the general time interval for support to response? 

    We understand u r a small team and other people also have small teams or individuals which uses ur product to teach online and if product doesn't work, whom should they approach and how much time does they wait for getting reply. 

    Suggestion: At least make sure to reply to technical issue within 24 hrs so that those who using it product, maintains the good will.

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    Porferio replied

    Hi there,

    I'm sorry for the late reply. We're already working on your problem and will let you know as soon as we have an update with Activation error issue.

    We appreciate your patience on this matter. 

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    Porferio replied

    Hi Sassy,

    I hope you are well. Could you try installing the latest version of Epic Pen?

    You my download it here.

    Thank you.